Last Tango's Nicola Walker: 'Gillian can't get married because of this awful secret!'

Will Gillian dump Robbie on their wedding day as secrets and lies come bubbling to the surface? Last Tango in Halifax star Nicola Walker reveals more about Sunday's finale on BBC1…

As her wedding day approaches in this week's Last Tango in Halifax, Gillian’s got a bad case of pre-wedding jitters and tells Caroline she can’t marry Robbie. Why is she so nervous?

"Gillian doesn't want to get married, firstly because it’s turned into a 'big do'. Gillian’s gone through the motions as far as the arrangements are concerned and has literally had this big wedding happen around her."

Is there another reason?

"Well, then there's these two pointless sexual encounters. One with Caroline's ex-husband John and one with a man from her past, Olly, who turns up."

What!? Why would Gillian do that?

“Gillian has this self-destructive streak where she thinks, ‘Life’s too short, why not?’ She’s very promiscuous, but it’s not about punishing Robbie, it’s about punishing herself.”

Last series, Gillian confessed to Caroline that she’d killed her violent first husband Eddie, Robbie’s brother. Gillian makes it to the wedding venue, then privately reveals to Caroline that she’s really got cold feet because of something Robbie's confessed…

“Gillian doesn’t judge Robbie because what she’s done is so much worse. She's given all these reasons why she can’t get married when really her main fear is she’s still carrying around this awful secret about what she did to Eddie.”

How would you describe Gillian and Caroline’s relationship from the beginning to now?

“Well, they are still like chalk and cheese, but they do just seem to 'get' each other now. They actually really trust each other and, because they’re so different, they can be totally honest with each other. From their first meeting where Caroline thought Gillian was ‘trash’ and Gillian thought Caroline was a ‘snotty cow’, they’ve been able to move forward.”

So, after all this, will Gillian and Robbie get married?

"That would be telling! Gillian wants a better life with Robbie but feels she’s already messed it up. On the day, as they stand at the altar, I think she makes the right decision."

What have you enjoyed most about playing Gillian?

"Despite her flaws, I do think Gillian’s got loads of redeeming features. She’s actually a really amazing woman: she’s on the farm on her own working hard, she juggles two jobs, and she’s raised a son, who’s doing really well. There's a lot that I like about Gillian: she’s honest, direct and good company. I'd definitely go for a pint with her!"

Can you see yourself playing Gillian in a fourth series of Last Tango…?

“I think all the cast feels the same in that I think we’d happily play these characters for as long as Sally Wainwright wants to write them. But, of course, that’s up to her."


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