'Legends of Tomorrow' loses series hot head with Dominic Purcell's departure

Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heatwave in Legends of Tomorrow
(Image credit: The CW)

Looks like another Legend is headed out the door. Legends of Tomorrow star Dominic Purcell announced via Instagram yesterday evening that he'd be departing the series for good after this season.

Purcell, known for his role as Mick Rory/Heatwave, is pretty well known for sharing the same fiery temper as his on-screen counterpart. True to form, his social post has a decent amount of heat to it. 

Note: adult language

“Deal isn't done. I have no interest. What ever cash they throw on the corporate level. I'm walking away from CW Legends of Tomorrow," Purcell says in the Instagram post. "It's been a total pleasure and a humbling experience bringing DC Comics iconic character Heatwave (aka) Mick Rory to life. I smashed this character — not an actor in the world could have done it better. FACT... such a funny c***. Time to move on and see how shit unfolds. Caity Lots, Nick Zano, look after the kids coming through. They need education. They are a number — teach them not to rely on loyalty from the studio. The studio does not care. The actors work ethic and talent must give them the confidence to question authority. Much love to all. It's not lost on me how very fortunate I am..." 

Though it's not clear who Purcell's ire is directed at, he does make it clear that he wishes no ill will on fellow cast mates who have been with him since the beginning. 

Purcell's also correct about his portrayal of DC's Heatwave/Mick Rory. He was the perfect casting for the role, and it'll be disappointing to see him leave the series after this upcoming season.

The heated departure comes after Legends of Tomorrow unceremoniously released stars Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/Atom) and Courtney Ford (Nora Darhk) last season. The married actors learned of their release about the same time as the fans, and neither were quite ready to depart.

It's unfortunate to learn that there's so much apparent behind the scenes drama on what is The CW's most unique (and often most entertaining) show. Perhaps Purcell's public call-out will act as a wake up call to the powers that be. 

Amelia Emberwing

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