Mads Mikkelsen promises his Indiana Jones baddie doesn't have a dodgy German accent

Doctor Jürgen Voller (Mads Mikkelsen) looking over his shoulder into the camera in Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny
Mads Mikkelsen as Doctor Jürgen Voller. (Image credit: Lucasfilm / Disney)

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny star Mads Mikkelsen has revealed some fresh details about his villain in the movie...and he's confirmed that Doctor Jürgen Voller won't have a stereotypical German accent! 

Speaking to Digital Spyabout his Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny role and the fate of his character (consider this a slight spoiler warning), Mads was quick to point out that he's not your average Indiana Jones villain. 

Indiana Jones 5 might be pitting the adventurous archeologist against another Nazi (or former Nazi, in this case), but he's now working with NASA and secretly trying to use the moon landing for his own benefit. 

"This character had a passion, he had a dream", Mikkelsen said of Doctor Voller. "There was something he thought could have been much better resolved back in the '40s, if only he had a chance to fix it, right? So that was in there. 

"I think we also maybe went a little away from, let's say, the classical accent of a German — or the clichéd accent of a German", he added. "We just kept mine and threw a few German words in there."

For those not in the know, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will see Harrison Ford's hero on the trail of a new artifact called the Archimedes Dial, otherwise known as the Dial of Destiny, an object that supposedly has the capability to change the course of history and is said to be capable of finding fissures in time.

In the same interview, Mikkelsen also teased that Voller is destined for a similar fate to some of Indy's previous foes. "In the previous films, we've had, you know, a grail that gave you eternal life. We've had an ark that opens up with infinite power. So I was hoping this film was going exactly where it was going. And so it did."

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny hits movie theaters on Friday, June 30 in the US and two days earlier on Wednesday, June 28 in the UK. For more info on all the latest releases to look forward to this year, check out our new movies guide.

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