Martin Clunes 'considered' to play the Time Lord in Doctor Who!

Martin Clunes
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Doc Martin could've ended up being a very different Doctor!

Martin Clunes was once reportedly considered to play the iconic lead role in Doctor Who.

The series was revived in 2005, seeing Christopher Eccleston stepping into the shoes of the legendary Time Lord.

But it could have been Martin, if a conversation between two former showrunners, Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies, is anything to go by.

According to a recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Russell T Davies had 'considered' the actor for the part, with Moffat pointing out that Martin might not fit with the aim of Davies to cast a star who wouldn't be seen as posh.

Martin Clunes

Russell T. Davies (Picture: Getty)

Moffat said to Davies, "I think you were considering Hugh Grant and Martin Clunes. If you’d cast either of them, how would you have phrased the ‘not posh’ note? Because good luck!”

To which Davies simply said, "Steven, you know full well we’re always winging it!”

Even though he didn't confirm or deny Martin, we're sure their list of potential Doctors was a very long one.

Martin Clunes may not have been offered the part of the Doctor, but he did make an appearance in one episode.

In 1983, he starred in Snakedance which marked one of his first TV appearances.

Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes had a run-in with the Doctor back in the 80s! (Picture: BBC)

Peter Davison starred alongside him in this episode, as the series' Fifth Doctor.

Martin went on to become another Doctor himself, taking on the role of titular character Doc Martin.

The hugely popular show follows surgeon Martin Ellingham, who moved away from London to the sleepy village of Portwenn.

Doc Martin is known for his terrible people skills, with hilarious results for viewers. Not for the people around him...

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