Matt King on playing a Death in Paradise murder suspect: 'He’s the Arthur Daley of The Caribbean'

Death in Paradise 2020
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Comedian and Peep Show star Matt King on guest starring on Death in Paradise with Ardal O’Hanlon…

In Death in Paradise tonight DI Jack Mooney and his lovely island police team attempt to figure out how artist Donna (Sherlock’s Louise Brealey) was fatally poisoned while working alone in her studio.

It’s a puzzler and under suspicion are Donna’s art dealer pal Patti (Barbara Flynn), moody model boyfriend Max (Alexander Vlahos), gallery owner Sandrine (Vivienne Acheampong), wannabe artist Anthony (Caleb Frederick) and art buyer Terry (Matt King)…

Louise Brealey in Death in Paradise

Donna (played by Sherlock actress Louise Brealey) is the victim in tonight's Death in Paradise (Image credit: BBC/Red Planet/Denis Guyenon)

Here Death in Paradise guest star Matt, aka Super Hans in cult comedy Peep Show, reveals more about getting one of the best jobs in television…

Tell us about your Death in Paradise character Terry Minto…

Matt King as dodgy Terry in Death in Paradise

Matt King as dodgy Terry in Death in Paradise

Matt King: "Terry is an enigma tied up in a mystery held together by questions. He’s been on the island for years and as an ex-pat he knows everyone and everything. Terry’s possibly shady, possibly just a charmer. He might be involved in nefarious deeds or he might just be dancing on the right side of the law. Either way, he’s the Arthur Daley of The Caribbean."

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How is he connected to murder victim Donna?

MK: "Now that would be telling! Look, I’m no Agatha Christie but I feel that me telling you Terry’s connection to the recently deceased victim might be used as a clue. And it’s not for me to give out clues."

That’s DI Jack’s job?

MK: "Exactly. Ardal is the eyes and ears of the audience. I think it’s fantastic that Jack Mooney decided to move to the island. Without him and his hardworking team that’s a lot of unsolved grisly murders going on in a very small patch of real estate. Almost one a week during the winter months…"

Death in Paradise Jack and Anna

Anna and Jack go on a date tonight (Image credit: BBC/Red Planet/Denis Guyenon)

Terry – Minto, if we may - invests in some artwork in this episode. Are you an art collector yourself?

MK: "Actually, I do have a very limited-edition Tracy Emin print. Think there are only about 50 of them. My wife bought it for me for my 40th and I love it. It’s a pencil sketch of a lady and it’s a little bit rude so I’ve put it up it in the hallway. It’s actually a good way of screening dinner party guests. They don’t like the Emin, then no dinner!"

What drew you to the part of Minto in Death in Paradise?

MK: "Two words. Free holiday. And Ardal. That’s four words. Ardal’s an old friend. We’ve known each other the best part of 25 years. We met when we were on the same stand-up bill in Melbourne and then we toured around Australia a bit together back in the day. Then of course he got Father Ted and I got Peep Show and as everyone knows, those two shows were always bitter rivals. They’re basically the Oasis and Blur of early noughties student sitcoms and that rivalry still cuts deep.?

Did you have fun filming in Guadeloupe?

MK: "It was horrendous. One day the swimming pool was closed for three minutes while they fished out a lizard. And it poured with rain on the Tuesday for about half an hour. I’ve written a stern letter to the producers."

Catch Matt in Death on Paradise tonight on BBC1 at 9pm.

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