Morbius: 8 of the most scathing critic comments

Morbius star Jared Leto

Morbius has united the critics — they all seem to hate it!

So far hardly anyone has had a good thing to say about it and it currently has a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of just 20%.

This might be disappointing for comic book fans, as Morbius focuses on a Spider-Man villain who hasn't really been explored as much compared to others such as Green Goblin, and attempts to explore the character have been met with much criticism so far. 

The film stars Jared Leto as Michael Morbius, a brilliant scientist who suffers from a rare blood disease. In an attempt to find a cure, vampire bat DNA is mixed into his blood, transforming him into a pseudo-vampire with a lust for blood. 

It sounds thrilling at face value but critics think otherwise, and we've put together some comments from those who really didn't think the film was a hit. Even What to Watch didn't like it, with our Morbius review only scoring the film 1.5/5. Our reviewer, Mike Manalo, wrote: "Oh wow. I haven’t seen a superhero movie as bad as Morbius since the early 2000s".

Read on to see eight of the most scathing comments from movie critics...

1. New York Post: 'The viewer struggles to care'

The New York Post claimed it was difficult to care about Morbius, giving the film a disappointing 1.5/4 rating and claiming there were much better vampire stories out there.

Film critic Johnny Oleksinski wrote: "The viewer struggles to care. We’re also aware that there are many, many better vampire stories than Count Dreckula here."

2. The Times: 'The cinematic equivalent of Murphy’s Law'

In his one-star review for Morbius, The Times critic Kevin Maher compared the film to Murphy's Law, which in simple terms can be boiled down to "If anything can go wrong, it will."

He wrote: "The cinematic equivalent of Murphy’s Law is demonstrated by this appalling superhero snooze-fest. It’s a movie without dramatic jeopardy, originality, narrative coherence, compelling characters or a single even vaguely human performance."

3. The Guardian: '[Morbius'] superpower is being bafflingly dull'

The Guardian's critic Peter Bradshaw was also unimpressed with Morbius, claiming the film was dull and giving it a 1/5 star rating. He also described the film as "ludicrously pointless".

He said: "The Marvel superhero-vampire Morbius is with us. And sadly his superpower is being bafflingly dull."

4. Gizmodo: 'Like a roller coaster without a pulse'

Germain Lussier likened Morbius to a disappointing roller coaster, claiming that it was an underwhelming experience that should have been better in his Gizmodo review

He said: "Morbius is like a roller coaster without a pulse. There are highs, there are lows, there's plenty of disorientation, and by the end, you aren't upset with the ride, but largely underwhelmed because you have the sense it should have been better."

Jared Leto as Morbius

Should you go and see Morbius this weekend? According to critics, no... (Image credit: © 2022 SONY PICTURES DIGITAL PRODUCTIONS INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.)

5. Time Out: 'No compelling characters'

Time Out's Cathy Brennan gave the film 1/5, criticising Morbius for its lack of compelling characters which they claim is central to a "good superhero story".

Cathy wrote: "Compelling characters are the lifeblood of a good superhero story, so it's tragic that a film about two warring vampires in the Marvel universe is utterly bereft of them."

6. Bloody Disgusting: 'It’s tough to find rooting interest'

Bloody Disgusting critic Meagan Navarro argued that the film struggled to embrace any weirdness meaning that audiences are likely to feel no excitement for Morbius, or anyone else in the film. 

In her 2.5/5 review she wrote: "Without, say, someone like Tom Hardy embracing the weirdness of the character in Venom, it’s tough to find rooting interest or muster any excitement for the vampiric bat man."

7. We Live Entertainment: 'Someone had to be actively trying to make a movie this bad'

Writing for We Live Entertainment, critic Audrey Fox claimed that someone had to be trying to make a bad film, considering the outcome was "a dull and uninspired disaster".

In her 2/5 star review she wrote: "When you watch Morbius, there's an inescapable sense that someone had to be actively trying to make a movie this bad."

8. CinemaBlend: 'There is no fun to be had here'

Writing for CinemaBlend, Eric Eisenberg described the film as having "no discernable theme" and that people should avoid this one.

In his one-star review, he wrote: "There is no fun to be had here; there isn't any ironic or so bad its good enjoyment. It's soulless. It's oozing, tar-like gunk that has been spit out of the Hollywood machine, and you should avoid stepping in it."

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