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Neighbours reveals which Ramsay Street favourite is SHOT in next week’s siege

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Susan's the talk of Ramsay Street

One Ramsay Street resident will be left fighting for their life after a shock shooting later this week, but who?

Neighbours has confirmed that Terese Willis is the Ramsay Street resident who will be shot during this week's terrifying siege on Lassiters.

The drama starts on Friday 11th January, when newcomer Delaney's father Raymond and uncle Ivan arrive in Erinsborough looking for her.

Terese Willis gets shot in Neighbours

Terese fights for her life after getting shot

But when they find out that she is in touch with Leo, who grassed them up to the police before coming to Ramsay Street, they vow to get revenge for their latest prison stint and head off to find him, brandishing a gun.

Unfortunately for Terese, she happens to be with Leo when dangerous Ivan catches up with him at The Waterhole, and ends up getting caught up in the drama when she takes a bullet for her former boyfriend after instinctively protecting him from the shooter.

Terese Willis gets shot in Neighbours

Will Terese survive the shooting?

Terese is left fighting for her life after being shot in the chest, and as Ivan scarpers following the shooting, Ramsay Street residents try and save her life.

Thankfully doctor David is there to help, but while he fights to keep Terese alive, Mark and Ned are on a mission to track Ivan down.

The pair find him lurking outside and manage to bring him down together - with Mark using his former police training, the men have him captured and disarmed in moments.

Mark and Ned catch Ivan in Neighbours

Mark and Ned work as a team to bring down the shooter

But Ramsay Street isn't out of danger just yet, because Raymond - Delaney's dad - is still out there and has revenge on his mind.

The Lassiters complex might be on police lockdown as everyone is told to stay put until he is found... but will anyone else get hurt by the gunman?

Leo and Paul are set to feel awful as they see the woman they both love fighting for her life because of their past mistakes.

Will Terese pull through to find out just how sorry they are for getting her caught up in their feud?

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