Netflix and Hulu down? It's not just you

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(Image credit: Verizon)

A major internet outage in the Northeast — supposedly due to a cut Verizon fiber line in Brooklyn — is wreaking havoc over a good chunk of the United States today.

It wasn't immediately clear just how widespread the outage was — though reports have been coming in from New York and points north, to Washington, D.C., to the south. Wireless service doesn't appear to be affected, but internet-based applications and services — to say nothing of end users — are definitely feeling the brunt. — a website that crowdsources internet outages across websites and services — noted a sharp spike in reports from the usual suspects. google, Zoom, Amazon Web Services, YouTube, Hulu, Spotify and more saw some pretty steep increases in reports in the late morning of Jan. 26, though the reports appear to already be lessening. (Which tends to happen as problems may be alleviated before a company say anything publicly.)

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In the meantime, Verizon's various twitter support accounts have been pointing customers toward high-level (and not particularly useful) support pages.

Phil Nickinson

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