Netflix renews Warrior Nun for a second season

Toya Turner as Shotgun Mary and Alba Baptista as Ava Silva in Warrior Nun on Netflix.
Toya Turner as Shotgun Mary and Alba Baptista as Ava Silva in Warrior Nun on Netflix. (Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has renewed Warrior Nun — a series about warrior nuns — for a second season. And that's a really good thing because Season 1 (mild spoiler here) ended with the kind of cliffhanger that made you wonder if someone screwed up somewhere. As in the big battle against the big boss cut out right as it got going. We don't know who won and who lost. Or if a singularity swallowed up everyone.

Anything could have happened, really. We just don't know.

But perhaps we'll find out in Season 2.

And speaking of finding things out, Netflix had a cute moment where the cast got together virtually and learned the news of the renewal at the same time. It definitely seems like it was a surprise. But then again, they could be acting. It's hard to know.

A little bit of good news on a Wednesday afternoon... ❤️ Alba Baptista

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Here's how we put things in our full review of Warrior Nun Season 1.

The good news is there basically must be a Season 2, because there's absolutely no way that the rest of that battle scene wasn't written and shot. But I can't think of any other time when the climax of a series was cut short like that. It's not just a cliffhanger. It's not like the end of The Sopranos, when everything just went black. It's not like finding the bunker and the numbers on Lost. It's the equivalent of getting three steps into any of the major battles in Game of Thrones and saying "Nah, we'll make you wait a while."

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