HDHomeRun updated to fix DVR on NVIDIA Shield


What you need to know

• HDHomeRun worked on the Shield before the Android Pie update.

• Then the update broke it.

• But an app update in Google Play should have things fixed now.

Updated at 4:43 p.m. EDT Aug. 1: HDHomeRun says they've found the problem, fixed it, and an updated app is awaiting Shield owers in Google Play.

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There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who approach an software update in a conservative manner, with a bit of patience (if not outright trepidation), letting folks feel things to to see if something goes haywire.

And then there's the rest of us.

The point of that little story is that there's something in the Android Pie update for the NVIDIA Shield that apparently has broken HDHomeRun — the over-the-air tuner box that lets you take a single antenna and share the feed across your network and onto multiple devices. And it's an excellent addition to the Shield because it works directly with Android TV's "Live Channels" feature .

Or, rather, it did before Wednesday's update. If you've updated your Shield and use HDHomeRun, you've no doubt by now realized that you can no longer use your shield as a DVR for HDHomeRun.

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A post in the SiliconDust forums (that's the company that makes HDHomeRun) specifically says that the update affected DVR functionality. Also, "We have also noticed that this update messes with permission settings with the HDHomeRun app. If you have DRM channels that suddenly stop working, try turning on Location Services in settings."

Neither one of those things is a particularly good issue to have.

One forum member snagged a video of the startup process, with the DVR no longer working.

The SiliconDust forum post was updated later Monday to say that a fix is on the way.

UPDATE: We have identified the problem and having a working build that we are testing internally. Once we are fairly sure there are no other gotchas, we'll be uploading it to Google Play.