It's A Sin star Olly Alexander has been tipped to play the next Doctor

Olly Alexander
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Could we be seeing Olly in the TARDIS?

It's A Sin star Olly Alexander has been tipped to play the coveted Doctor Who role, by Jack Harkness actor John Barrowman.

Appearing on an episode of Lorraine, he explained that he would love to see Olly in the leading role.

John said, "Olly would be amazing. He’s quirky, he’s fun. He’s a lovely actor, and I think he would make a wonderful Doctor. It would be fabulous!"

The actor and Dancing on Ice star also praised the emotional series, and the way it depicts AIDS. He said, "It’s a Sin is, there you go, another pandemic that we went through and that’s why I say get the vaccine.

“We as gay men and women have been through a pandemic already. 37 million people worldwide have died from HIV and AIDs, and you know, get the vaccine."

TV tonight It's A Sin

It's a Sin has been a big hit on C4.

Olly Alexander is a musician and LGBT+ activist, who's in Russell T. Davies' new Channel 4 series It's A Sin.

The series is loosely based Davies' own real-life experience as a teenager and sees three 18-year-olds, Ritchie, Roscoe and Colin, ditch their suburban family lives and move to London and rent a flat together, which they dub the "Pink Palace".

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In the series, Olly plays Ritchie Tozer and his performance has been widely praised by fans. It's not just John who thinks he'd make a good Doctor. Russell T. Davies himself has also agreed that Olly could step into the shoes of the famous Time Lord.

Speaking to SFX, he said, "Yes, Olly would make a marvellous Doctor Who. They’ll be banging his door, his agent will be saying, ‘What have you done now…’ On your own head be it."

While there's no confirmation that current Doctor Jodie Whittaker is stepping down any time soon, people have been speculating what's next for the Time Lord.

Plenty of famous faces have played the role including David Tennant, Peter Capaldi and Tom Baker.

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