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How to watch It's A Sin online anywhere in the world

TV tonight It's A Sin
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Here’s how to watch It's A Sin online anywhere in the world.

It's A Sin, the new five-part series from Russell T. Davies, has become an instant hit on Channel 4. Here’s how to watch It's A Sin online anywhere in the world.

The drama, which follows a group of gay friends trying to navigate their way through London life in the early eighties, launched on Friday 22nd January to rave reviews.

TV tonight It's a Sin

It's a Sin has quickly established itself as a classic

It's A Sin is loosely inspired by Davies' own real-life experience as a teenager and sees three 18-year-olds, Ritchie, Roscoe and Colin, ditch their suburban family lives and move to London and rent a flat together, which they dub the 'Pink Palace'.

But as they face a rise in homophobia and the AIDs crisis of the 1980s the friends each find themselves facing their own personal experiences as the deadly virus takes hold.

The cast includes Keeley Hawes, Stephen Fry, Neil Patrick Harris and Lydia West, while the lead role of Ritchie is played by actor and pop singer Olly Alexander.

Neil Patrick Harris told "I’m a massive fan of Russell T Davies. Queer of Folk was as a seminal show and it had really had a strong impact on me. The way Russell writes his dialogue, crafts his scenes and stories and makes the characters complicated but also enticing really left its mark on me, so I’ve been a fan of his for a long time.

"Then about six months ago he called and asked if I’d participate in It's a Sin – and I said absolutely and cleared my schedule! I was quite taken aback as I didn’t think that an American living in New York would be asked by someone as esteemed as Russell to come and have a role in this!”

How to watch It's A Sin free online in the UK

It's A Sin is currently airing on Channel 4 at 9pm on Fridays, but if you can't wait that long to watch the next instalment, all five 60-minute episodes are available on the channel's on demand service, All4.

How to watch It's A Sin in America

It's A Sin will air in the US on HBO Max from February 18 2021.