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Our Girl series four debut leaves viewers close to tears with heartbreaking flashback scenes

Our Girl Georgie (Michelle Keegan) main
(Image credit: BBC/Ilze Kitshoff)

The scenes were hard to watch for some...

Our Girl made a dramatic return for the premier of its fourth series last night.

Former Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan took to our screens once again in her strong female lead, playing the role of Corporal Georgie Lane in the BBC1 army hit.

Georgie previously suffered the loss of Captain Elvis Harte (played by Luke Pasqualino) and in last night's episode she was being haunted by flashbacks of her late lover.

The heartbreaking scenes certainly had an impact on fans of the show, with many taking to social media to reveal they were close to tears over the emotional viewing.

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'It's been like 2 years since Elvis died and seeing his face in these flashbacks still gets to me,' one wrote.

'My heart still aches for Georgie and I miss elvis, as if the flashbacks aren’t enough,' agreed another, while a third upset viewer chipped in, 'It's so not right to be showing flashbacks of Georgie & Elvis I am still not over Elvis death and I don't think I will be .'

'10 mins in and I’m already so sad for Georgie thinking about Elvis ,' penned a fourth.

Michelle opened up about how Georgie is going to cope with moving on after Elvis' death when she appeared on This Morning this week.

"So Georgie is back and training a new batch of medics. There’s an underlying sense of grief for Elvis that we'll see earlier in the series," the Manchester actress told Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Our Girl

(Image credit: BBC/Ilze Kitshoff)

"I think with Georgie she's married to her job in a sense she puts her job first. She’s trying to get over the death of Elvis and she needs closure with that," she added.

Our Girl creator Tony Grounds opened up about her loss too, saying, "Georgie is still missing the love of her life.

"She hasn't come to terms with this – whether you'd call it PTSD, or just a sort of deep sadness that she's got."

Our Girl continues on BBC1.