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People Just Do Nothing wins comedy Bafta: 'I thought I'd still be signing on!' (VIDEO)

people just do nothing

Stars of Bafta-winning comedy People Just Do Nothing joked they'd still be down the Job Centre without the success of their cult hit BBC3 series

People Just Do Nothing stars Alan Mustafa and Hugo Chegwin paid tribute to the Job Centre for giving them the inspiration for the BBC3 comedy which won best scripted comedy at the Bafta TV Awards.

Hugo told What's on TV on the Bafta red carpet: "I thought I'd still be signing on, so big up to everyone that helps us out. Big up the Job Centre for giving us the inspiration."

Alan said they started the mockumentary series about a grime pirate radio crew as mates... "we didn't want to be actors or anything. We were musicians essentially... Me, bedroom, him, super talented."

Hugo added: "We just took a risk man, filmed ourselves being idiots."

Alan continued: "Yeah, we thought people might watch it, on YouTube, originally, and yeah, it's mad."

They stressed they're not mocking grime culture – the comedy's about their failed attempts at making it in the music business.

"It's only mocking of the characters and ourselves," said Alan, "but the scene and the music is something we're in love with and we were a part of in our ways, so there could be no mocking of that."

Hugh continued: "We wouldn't be here if the culture didn't accept us."