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Poldark spoilers: Morwenna might lose Drake to another woman!

Poldark S4 - EP1 Morwenna (played by Ellise Chappell)
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Drake might not wait for Morwenna

Poldark star Ellise Chappell says fans are “rooting” for her character Morwenna and her forbidden love interest Drake to finally be together in series four of the BBC1 hit, which kicks off on Sunday.

Poor Morwenna is trapped in a terrible marriage to abusive vicar Ossie (Christian Brassington, who lost nearly three stone for the role), but Ellise says audiences still have hope that Morwenna will one day be with Drake.

“People really like Morwenna and Drake together and are rooting for them to be together which is wonderful. They are so pure, it is as simple as they love each other and want to be together and the fact that they can’t is not down to them, it is down to other forces pulling them apart,” reveals Ellise, 25.

harry richardson

Drake and Morwenna in happier times

One of those forces is the fact that disenchanted Drake might find love elsewhere in the new series. Harry Richardson, who plays Drake, says his character is in turmoil. "He struggles with whether to put his true love behind him or chase her."

Meanwhile, Ellise says Morwenna is still having a terrible time at the hands of dastardly Ossie.


Morwenna lives in fear of evil Ossie

“Morwenna has just found out about this relationship that her husband, Ossie has had with her sister and she thought she could use this information against him and hoped it would keep him away from her but that doesn’t work.

“So in that moment where he is advancing towards her she is in complete desperation, which is why she makes this terrifying threat against her son, knowing that he is the most important thing to Ossie.”

To add to her woes, she has to deal with a horrific new character.

Lady Whitwoth causes trouble

Lady Whitwoth causes trouble

“Ossie’s formidable mother, Lady Whitworth (Rebecca Front) arrives in Cornwall and she is a fearsome woman.

“She psychologically abuses Morwenna; she has this control over Morwenna in a way that is difficult to see.

“She is a very powerful, scary woman who ends up gaining control over aspects of Morwenna’s life that she has so desperately tried to keep for herself, her son being the main one.”

Poldark returns on Sunday on BBC1 at 9pm.

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