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Police 5's Shaw Taylor: I'm still keeping ’em peeled!

Shaw Taylor became legendary for advising viewers to 'Keep ’em peeled' on his ITV crime-fighting show Police 5, which ran from 1962-1992.

Now, the 89-year-old is helping present Channel 5's revival on Tuesday nights and he tells TV Times he's never grown tired of people using his famous catchphrase.

"It never stops and it never gets boring," says Shaw. "It's always a nice reminder of the warm and friendly relationship I had with viewers. I don't feel as though I've been away."

Shaw admits he was reluctant to make a comeback. "I originally declined the offer, believing that retired TV presenters should remain in the shadows."

But the producer of Police 5 twisted his arm and Shaw confesses he never imagined it would have such longevity. "It started as a six-week filler, but it struck a chord with viewers."