Revenge (1971) | Blu-ray release – Joan Collins and James Booth want justice in a shocking British thriller

revenge cover.jpg

Following the murder of his young daughter Jenny, publican Jim Radford (James Booth) is persuaded by his best mate Harry (Ray Barratt) to hunt down the suspected child killer who has just been freed by the police and extract a confession from him.

Aided by his 18-year-old son Lee (Tom Marshall), Jim and Harry abduct loner Seely (Kenneth Griffith), then lock him up in the pub’s cellar where they beat him to a pulp under the watchful eye of Jim’s wife Carol (Joan Collins). But keeping their quarry a secret from the police and the pub’s punters while they decide what to do next puts their loyalties to the test…


This lurid British thriller seemed a strange film to come from Peter Rogers, the producer responsible for all the Carry On films. Not that there isn't a right carry-on here. As the pub landlord having his conscience sorely tested, James Booth does a sterling job, while Joan Collins' shows she's just adept at domestic drama as she at playing the bitch. Ken Hodges' vivid Eastmancolor photography helps bring a gritty realism to the proceedings, which all plays out on location in a real pub in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (The King's Head).


Revenge is featured in a brand-new High Definition transfer from the original film elements in its original theatrical aspect ratio on Blu-ray and DVD, as part of Network’s The British Film collection, and includes the original theatrical trailer, image gallery, script (pdf), trailer and booklet.