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Richard Osman reveals why this politician is ruining the Pointless viewing figures!

The Chancellor is proving taxing for the show's figures

Pointless host Richard Osman has revealed that the quiz show's ratings fluctuate based on which politician appears on screens across the nation to give the daily coronavirus briefing.

The popular game show, presented by Richard and his co-star Alexander Armstrong, has been removed from its usual prime time spot on BBC1 over to BBC2, airing when the update on the country's fight against the Covid-19 crisis is on.

According to Richard, some political personas draw in more viewers than others, meaning that on the evenings when less favoured speakers take to the podium, Pointless rakes in better ratings, with people seemingly switching over and opting to play along with Pointless.

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"Pointless is definitely getting a new audience, although we’re up against Boris Johnson or Matt Hancock sometimes," Richard, who co-created the famous Pointless format, admitted.

Confessing that it's clear which political faces are the most popular when it comes to attracting viewers, Richard added, “If it’s Matt Hancock, our ratings shoot up, but when it’s Rishi Sunak, we’re in trouble.

"He’s very much the Bradley Walsh of the Cabinet."

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Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi has received a lot of attention online in recent weeks, with many social media users pointing out his good looks during his telly appearances, dubbing him Dishy Rishi, so it's no surprise that some viewers loyally tune into his on screen moments.

Explaining why he reckons quiz shows like Pointless and its rivals The Chase and Tipping Point are so popular among the UK's people right now, he told the Radio Times, "We’re spending an awful lot of time inside our heads. For some people, that’s a nice place to be, and for some, it’s a very difficult place to be. A quiz show distracts you.

"You can’t be worrying as much if you’re trying to think of an African country."