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Road to Paloma | Film review - Jason Momoa saddles up for an Easy Rider-style road movie

Road to Paloma Robert Homer Mollohan Jason Momoa.jpg

Road to Paloma Robert Homer Mollohan Jason Momoa.jpg

Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa makes his debut as co-writer and director with Road to Paloma, a freewheeling, Easy Rider-style road movie set amid the stark grandeur of the American Southwest.

He also stars as a motorbike-riding Native American fugitive who is being pursued by the authorities after killing the man who raped and murdered his mother.

Don’t expect any high-speed chases, though. The pace is much more rambling than that, with the leisurely tempo giving ample opportunity to  make some telling points about the unfair treatment of Native Americans by the US justice system.

There's time, too, to  admire the beautiful cinematography as Momoa’s outlaw hooks up on the road with a variety of colourful characters, including a boozy vagabond musician (Robert Homer Mollohan) and an alluringly sexy bohemian, played by Lisa Bonet, Momoa’s real-life wife.

Certificate 15. Runtime 87 mins. Director Jason Momoa

Road to Paloma is showing today on Sky Movies Premiere and is available on DVD from Platform Entertainment.