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Saturday Island (1952) | Hollywood teen idol Tab Hunter's big screen debut now on DVD

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Appearing in his first major screen role, Hollywood teen idol Tab Hunter stars opposite Linda Darnell in this drama of restrained passion set on a remote South Pacific island during World War Two. Renamed in the US with the more racy-sounding Island of Desire, the British-made Saturday Island is featured here in a brand-new transfer from the original colour film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

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On a calm night in tropical seas, a hospital troop ship carrying sick and wounded from the Far East hits a magnetic mine, with the ensuing explosion forcing the crew to abandon ship. Young American Marine corporal 'Chicken' Dugan (Hunter) and 30-something nurse Elizabeth Smythe (Darnell) survive, and manage to make their way to a deserted island. After a year alone together, a tender relationship builds until it becomes complicated by the arrival of a wounded British pilot (Donald Gray) following a plane crash...

Special features

• Original theatrical trailer

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Saturday Island is released on DVD in the UK from Network Distributing (opens in new tab)