Viewers praise Sheridan Smith for 'beautiful' performance in Isolation Stories

Sheridan Smith Isolation Stories

ITV's new lockdown series kicked off on Monday...

Sheridan Smith starred in Monday's episode of Isolation Stories and fans loved her performance.

The new ITV series is based on lockdown, with each episode focusing on a different fictional family.

In Isolation Stories, Sheridan played pregnant woman Mel who was dealing with lockdown alone.

She is due to give birth in three weeks but has no one by her side to help her.

The short story sees Mel reaching out to people via video chat and finding help in an unexpected form.

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The episode was only 15 minutes in length and filmed by Sheridan's real-life fiance.

But despite the short episode, fans were very moved by her performance.

One wrote, "Clever writing and beautifully performed by @Sheridansmith1. This is exactly what the lockdown emotional rollercoaster feels like. Well mine does anyway. I loved it and am already looking forward to the next one #isolationstories"

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Another added, "Very poignant, relevant and emotional short story! Well done to all involved #isolationstories"

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A third wrote, "sheridan smith is amazing. #isolationstories"

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And a fourth added, "I love @Sheridansmith1she’s such a good actress! even this quickly put together at home thing has made me cry! Just like the bigger budget stuff. Shows how talented she is. Doesn’t matter what she’s in, it’s how she does it! #IsolationStories"

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Sheridan Smith said of her Isolation Stories episode, "I am heavily pregnant and have been isolating at home so I jumped at the chance to make a drama about the massive drama going on all around us right now.

“I think it’s really important to try and reflect what’s happening to us whilst it is still actually happening.”

Isolation Stories is made up of five episodes which are shown this week.

Isolation Stories airs this week at 9pm on ITV1.

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