'Shetland' fans are all going crazy for this one thing

Shetland season 6 - James Perez (Benny Young) visits the cake fridge
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Shetland season 6 threw even more twists at us last night, but it seems like everyone watching was way too distracted by the appearance of a cake fridge to deal with it!

*spoilers ahead for Shetland episode 4*

DI Jimmy Perez isn't just being plagued by the Alex Galbraith case in this series, as he's also grappling with his father's deteriorating memory. Whilst working on the Alex Galbraith case, he receives a phone call from Meg, Donna Killick's nurse. She had spotted his father out on his own looking lost near a "cake fridge" by the roadside overlooking the beautiful Scottish landscape.

This free-standing unit contains delicious baked goods and runs on an honesty system, so you take what you want and leave payment behind. Jimmy rushed from the police station to go and pick up his dad, whom he found happily tucking into one of the cakes! James did seem pretty confused as to how he got out there; he also seemed to forget that the cakes aren't just there for the taking, either, so Jimmy paid covered him and took him back home.

You would think that in an episode where there's yet another death, Frasier Creggan falsely confessed to being Alex Galbraith's murderer and where Jimmy and the gang managed to track down the man trying to run away with Linda Morton that Shetland viewers would be paying more attention to the plot. You'd be wrong.

Instead, the only thing people seemed to care about was the cake fridge that James had visited. Loads of fans headed over to Twitter to share their shock at hearing about these units for the first time.

What's more, some were even more surprised to learn from several actual Shetlanders that they're actually real things that you can visit... looks like Shetland might be about to deal with a lot more people traveling to sample the nearest cake fridge!

Despite all the developments in the episode, Jimmy and the gang didn't manage to get much closer to finding Alex Galbraith's murderer. Will they manage to track him down? And, more importantly, will we find out who restocks the cake fridge?! We'll have to keep watching to find out...

Shetland continues on Wednesday at 9 pm on BBC1. 

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