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Shock proposal in tonight’s Emmerdale will leave THIS character reeling

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Tonight's Emmerdale will see a surprising proposition being made by Ryan Stocks, but it's fair to say that it doesn't go down well...

There's trouble in tonight's Emmerdale as Ryan Stocks gets totally the wrong end of the stick while on a night out with Dawn Taylor, leaving her devastated.

The pair have struck up a close friendship over recent weeks, but any romance was soon put on the back burner when Dawn went cold turkey as she tried to get clean from drugs, leaving Ryan disappointed.

But tonight's trip to the Dales sees Harriet Finch question Dawn about why she isn't asking Ryan on a date, convinced that she is using her attempts to get clean as an excuse.

Emmerdale Dawn and Ryan

Dawn is nervous about asking Ryan out for the evening...

As Dawn takes Harriet's words on board, she asks Ryan out for the evening, leaving Ryan thrilled.

But she heads out for a night with Ryan at the pub things quickly turn sour for Dawn when drayman Leon turns up and starts harassing her.

It soon emerges that Leon is a former client of Dawn's and as things start to turn nasty, a jealous Ryan steps in and tells the troublemaker where to go.

Dawn is hassled by Leon

The evening turns sour when Leon arrives

Dawn is grateful that Ryan stepped in to help her in her moment of need, but as she gives him a surprise kiss as a thank you, he totally misinterprets the moment and things do horribly wrong.

Misunderstanding Dawn's intentions, Ryan offers to pay her to sleep with him - leaving her reeling from his shocking suggestion.

Ryan's indecent proposal obviously doesn't go down well with Dawn, and she is devastated that he could think that way of her.

Ryan dares to hope as he and Dawn enjoy their evening

Is this the end of Ryan and Dawn's friendship?

Dawn immediately starts to wonder if Ryan is the man that she thought he was at all... leaving their relationship in tatters.

Has Ryan just ruined any chance of a friendship, let alone a romance with Dawn?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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