Silent Witness fans baffled by cliffhanger finale

Silent Witness stars Amanda Burton and Emilia Fox
Sam Ryan teamed up with Nikki Alexander for the 25th season... (Image credit: BBC/David Emery)

Silent Witness season 25 is over but fans are baffled by the complexities of the most recent storyline, especially involving who sent that mysterious text in the final moments of the finale.

Ever since Sam Ryan (Amanda Burton) returned on the scene, everyone's been suspicious of her behaviour as she works with Dr. Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and Jack Hodgson (David Caves) on a new case in Silent Witness season 25.

We learned that Sam and her husband Jomo (Hugh Quarshie) had launched a company called UNITAS, which was working closely with another company that was breaching data protection rules called Vigil Networking, and this had led fans and characters alike to wonder what her true intentions were.

Thankfully for long-time Silent Witness fans, Sam hadn't turned to the dark side and she had simply got involved with the wrong people, including Oscar Harris (David Leon) who had proven he wasn't afraid to bend the rules.

Oscar was working with Vigil Networking boss Ethan Daley needed someone within the government to lobby through the company, and that's where Oscar came in. It also transpired that Ethan was responsible for the Health Secretary's death in episode one, after discovering she was planning on blocking a contract, and had DNA samples fabricated in the process.

After weeks of confusion around who was actually responsible for the Health Secretary's death, Oscar's now behind bars but it's far from over after a mysterious text was discovered in a phone that had been slipped into Nikki's pocket.

The message from an unknown sender read: "I can’t let it go. I’m sorry", ending on a cliffhanger and suggesting a new season is on the cards, but with so many moving parts fans of the series are baffled by what's just happened.

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So there's been some real mixed responses from fans around the new season, but hopefully we'll get some answers to the finale's cliffhanger next time Silent Witness is on our screens, for now though we'll all have to wait patiently!

The new season celebrated the 25th anniversary of the popular BBC drama with returning character Sam Ryan being a nice surprise for fans.

Speaking to What to Watch, actress Amanda Burton said: "It was so special to work with Emilia on the coming together of those two massive beasts of forensic pathology! We both got a real kick out of it, and had a twinkle in our eyes! 

"The actors who come in and take over any show bring with them their own loyal fan base, and Emilia has a massive following."

Silent Witness season 25 is now available in full on BBC iPlayer.

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