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Simon Bird hints at the future of C4's Friday Night Dinner ahead of new season

Friday Night Dinner
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Is this the end of the Goodman family?

With Friday Night Dinner season 6 returning to our screens soon, star Simon Bird has spoken about its future.

In an interview with NME, the Adam Goodman actor opened up about the award-winning sitcom.

Friday Night Dinner has ran for nine years with a total of 31 episodes, so how much longer can this concept go on for?

Whilst it's still got a dedicated fan base, it seems the cast are ready to try new things.

Simon revealed, "We think this is probably the end of the show.

"Every series it feels more like ‘OK, we’re ready to say goodbye to these characters – we’re really proud of it but we’re ready and happy to move on.’ But who knows.”

But despite Simon Bird and the rest of the cast's willingness to move on, it sounds like they had an absolute blast filming season 6.

Whilst we don't have any concrete plotlines, Tamsin Greig (Jackie Goodman) hinted at some of the humour we should expect from the latest instalment.

She told NME about the physical comedy, revealing, "Jackie’s quite violent with the boys this series."

Greig recalled an unfortunate injury involving Simon Bird, adding, "One potato hit him in the glasses and one potato hit him in the forehead. The potato caused quite a welt.”

But aside from this accidental injury, the cast have looked back fondly on filming season 6.

Greig admitted, "You would think that after three decades of working in the business you would learn to find people boring rather than entertaining.

Simon Bird

Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal have played the mischievous brothers for nine years. (Credit: C4)

"I do spend quite a lot of the time just laughing.”

Meanwhile Paul Ritter (Martin Goodman) has told fans to expect some sad moments as well as funny ones.

Ritter said, "There is greater agony and ecstasy in this. There are wonderful things that happen and very painful episodes as well.”

Sadly, 'Nice Grandma' actress Frances Cuka passed away earlier this year, and so far it doesn't seem like she had any scenes in season 6.

Friday Night Dinner will return on Friday 27th March at 10pm on C4.  Seasons 1 – 5 are available on All 4 or Netflix.

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