Sling TV adds a new 'Watch Party' feature so you can watch remotely with friends

Sling TV's new "Watch Party" feature.
(Image credit: Sling TV)

Sling TV today unveiled a new "Watch Party" feature that enables subscribers to "connect with friends and family in remote locations via video and chat while streaming their favorite programming together." Sling dubs it as "a first for the live television industry."

Watch Party is enabled for viewing through the Chrome web browser.

The Watch Party feature allows for:

  • Video and text chat, so you can communicate in real time.
  • Audio and visual controls so you can handle your own camera, the volume of the content stream, and the volume of your friends.
  • Player controls, so whomever is controlling the Watch Party itself can play and pause and rewind as needed.
  • And all the regular Sling TV programming you're used to.

"We know that for so many, it's not just about what you are watching, it's who you are watching with. SLING Watch Party is all about bringing people together to share in the moments that matter," said Jon Lin, vice president of Product, SLING TV. "We could all use more time together to enjoy our favorite sports and entertainment, which is why we created this amazing new feature."

Phil Nickinson

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