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The Bill cast confirm the series will be available to stream on UKTV

The Bill
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The Bill is coming back!

The Bill cast saw a reunion on This Morning, where they confirmed the series would be on demand.

Fans of the iconic police drama will be able to stream the first five seasons via UKTV.

The Bill aired between 1983 - 2010 and ran for 26 seasons on ITV.

Despite the fact The Bill has been away from our screens for 10 years, the series is still relevant today.

Mark Wingett, who played PC Jim Carver, said, "The style of the show is very different, very much set in the '80s.

"But we talked about the lack of funding in police, the coping with the criminality."

The Bill

The Bill ran for a whopping 25 seasons. (Picture: Getty)

He added, "So I think there's a relevance to the modern era. It's like a document of the 80s."

Meanwhile, Trudie Goodwin said there was "no reason" why the series should've ended.

The actress, who played WPC June Ackland until 2007, told viewers, "I really didn't [want it to go].

"I wasn't there right at the end, I'd left before the end."

The Bill

The Bill's final episode aired in 2010. (Picture: Getty)

She added, "I was so disappointed it finished. I thought there was no reason really why it should have, and that it could have gone on a great deal longer. I think it should still be on now."

So whilst there's no plans to reboot The Bill, fans will be able to relive plenty of iconic moments on UKTV.

It's available to stream now, and additional seasons are expected to be added from June.

The Bill joins plenty of classic series that have been added to entertain us during lockdown.

BBC iPlayer added dramas such as Spooks and Waking the Dead for a serious dose of nostalgia.

And Netflix added British shows like Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.

Will you be watching The Bill?