The Boys and the Supes team up for a potty-mouthed PSA

Karl Urban and Billy Butcher just want you to wear a mask. Pretty please.
Karl Urban and Billy Butcher just want you to wear a mask. Pretty please. (Image credit: Screenshot)

The sight of Billy Butcher coming your way is enough to ensure that at least one of you — and let's face it, quite possibly both of you — is going to have a really bad day. But the sight of Billy Butcher in a medical mask? That's something else entirely.

But that's the world we live in now, where the cast of Amazon's The Boys has teamed up — with both the bad guys and, uh, the other bad guys imploring everyone to just wear an effing mask to help beat down the whole COVID-19 thing. (Yeah, don't watch this with kids in the room.)

Their reasons are altruistic, of course. When you wear a mask you make it less likely to spread the virus, which is devilishly clever by taking its time to show symptoms — if it ever shows any at all. So it's possible for someone to have it and never know it, all the while doing normal people things that tend to spread germs.

It's that simple.

Also simple is that if anyone wants a Season 3 of The Boys to ever start shooting, we'll need Hollywood to open back up and get back to work. And that will require everyone to wear a damn mask.

Just like Homelander said to do.

Season 2 of The Boys premieres Sept. 4 on Amazon Prime video.

Phil Nickinson

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