The Drowning star Jill Halfpenny hints she could be up for season two

Jill Halfpenny The Drowning
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The Drowning concluded with a divisive finale this week... contains spoilers!

Channel 5 drama The Drowning ended on Thursday night, and fans were left divided over its shocking conclusion. But could the series be returning for another round?

Jill Halfpenny, who played grieving mother Jodie, revealed that she'd be open to revisiting the character if writers decided they wanted a second season. She told "I never know what plans writers have, or what ideas people have.

"As far as I know it was a standalone story. But hey, if someone had a good about where it could go I’d be here for it."

She also weighed in on the divisive episode, saying that she hadn't seen the twist coming. Jill added: "I think endings are notoriously difficult. People are very, very hard to please. But those that I’ve spoken to all seem satisfied with it."

In the shocking conclusion, viewers discovered that Daniel wasn't Tom, despite Jodie's brother Jason faking a DNA test to make it look like he was. Meanwhile, Jason turned out to be a liar, and had been with Tom on the day he drowned and didn't tell anyone what had happened.

Twitter viewers had mixed reviews though. One criticised it by writing: "Implausible dramas on this week. Plot holes to drive a bus through"

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Another added: "#TheDrowning Great show stupid ending so unbelievable quite ruined it."

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And a third said: "I was really enjoying #TheDrowning until this last episode which I didn’t like at all! Hate it when that happens!"

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Others liked the ending though, with one saying: "#TheDrowning was an incredible watch loved it"

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And another added: "Just finished #TheDrowning what a brilliant series well done to all involved"

Finally, a third said: "I liked the drowning! Enjoyed watching the plot play out. Not the ending I expected but that’s what twists are about. & Twists we had! Brilliant to have @halfpennyjill back on our screens. Hats off to the actor who played Daniel. Well done cast & crew. Kept us hooked #TheDrowning"

The Drowning is available on catch up via My5.

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