The latest trailer for A.P. Bio on Peacock is definitely not safe for school

AP Bio
A.P. Bio returns for a third season — this time on Peacock — on Sept. 3. (Image credit: NBCUniversal)

A.P. Bio is funny as hell, and it's coming back for a third season on Peacock. (After not coming back for a third season on NBC proper.) But here's a pro tip: You probably should watch this trailer for Season 3 before sending it to your 14-year-old daughter because you know she's a fan of AP Bio and you're a cool dad like that.


And it's also entirely possible that A.P. Bio is going to get even funnier now that it's not under the thumb of the stodgy old coots at network. At least that's how I like to envision it, and there's a nice moment of self-awareness in the trailer when the kids try on some four-letter words, just because they can.

The new season of A.P. Bio starts streaming Sept. 3.

Peacock is the new service from NBCUniversal that is the new home for all things NBCUniversal — as well as new original series like the excellent adaptation of Brave New World and the just-announced MacGruber. You'll also be able to watch NBC's late-nite shows before they air (yes, really), plus other bells and whistles. 

Peacock comes in three flavors. There's a free tier that has much of the NBC catalog and is supported by ads. For $4.99 a month you'll get Peacock Premium, which includes more content and some of the new originals that you can't get on the lower level. And for an extra $5 a month you can get rid of most advertising, which is always fun.

And Peacock is available on most major streaming platforms, like Apple TV and Android TV, your phones and tablets and on the web. Basically it's anywhere that isn't Roku and Amazon Fire TV, because those two still aren't playing nice with Peacock.

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Peacock is the streaming service from NBCUniversal that comprises much of the catalog of the NBCU world of content, as well as new originals and rebooted series. It's available on most major streaming platforms.

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