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The Opposite Sex | Film review - Sex comedy's sleazy hero shoots himself in the foot

The Opposite Sex Geoff Stults Mena Suvari.jpg

The Opposite Sex Geoff Stults Mena Suvari.jpg

A womanising, alpha male divorce lawyer (Geoff Stults) more than meets his match in The Opposite Sex when he challenges a beautiful new acquaintance (Mena Suvari) to a series of bets – each one of which lands him in embarrassing disaster.

This would-be romantic sex comedy by co-directors (and co-stars) Jennifer Finnigan and Jonathan Silverman also shoots itself in the foot by initially portraying its hero as a charmless sleazebag and then expecting us to root for him to get together with Suvari’s understandably wary heroine. And the film’s boorish running gag in which a bunch of male friends imagine having sex with John Travolta and Megan Fox is equally distasteful and annoying.

Certificate 15. Runtime 93 mins. Directors Jennifer Finnigan, Jonathan Silverman

The Opposite Sex is showing tonight on Sky Movies Premiere at 2.15am.