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The Smoke's Jamie Bamber 'blown away' by his character's intimate injuries

Jamie Bamber says he was shocked when he realised what happened to his character in firefighter drama The Smoke.

The actor plays fireman Kev, who suffered horrific burns to his intimate body parts in the Sky1 drama.

"I was shocked," he said. "I did the reading version of a double take: 'What did I just read?'

"It was so bold to do that to the male protagonist, who spends the whole (opening) episode building up as a rugged survivor of something, then for them to do that. I was intrigued and blown away."

He added: "We had to make decisions about what the injury actually was and look at images of people who've gone through this awful injury.

"The whole thing was a tough, tough journey, but that's the reason why I wanted the job and wanted to play the role."

The Smoke continues on Thursdays at 9pm on Sky1.


- Press Association