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The Smoke's Taron Egerton: 'I got a real sense of adrenaline doing some of the explosion stunts'

It's the most dramatic episode yet in Sky1's The Smoke when a crashed tanker causes a huge explosion that rips through Blackwall Tunnel on Thursday.

The mayhem it causes threatens the lives of those stuck in their cars, plus some of the White Watch crew trying to lead them to safety. And right in the thick of the death-defying action is troubled young firefighter Dennis 'Asbo' Severs.

"I really enjoyed filming the Blackwell Tunnel," says Taron Egerton, who plays Asbo. "I did some stunts involving an explosion and it really gives you a sense of the adrenaline, and helps you feel what it might like to be in that moment. That helps a lot with the performance."

It's already been all-action drama for Taron during the series as Asbo nearly drowned in a disused water pumping station, freaked out during a training exercise and had a tense confrontation with his arsonist former friend Gog (Sam Gittins).

Taron's also had plenty of emotional scenes with Jamie Bamber, who plays White Watch leader Kev, particularly last week after Asbo confessed his part in the blaze on The Churchill Estate that left Kev disfigured for life. With Kev and his fiancee Trish (Jodie Whittaker) are also caught up in this week's tunnel catastrophe, will this give Asbo the chance for some heroics to show his boss how sorry he is for what happened?

"Asbo is shrouded in quite a lot of mystery," explains Taron. "No one knows too much about him - he speaks in mumbles and grunts largely... He's got a tough shell and you could certainly describe him as a bit of a hard nut. But he's definitely got a soft gooey centre - so I think he's a good guy."


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