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The Snyder Cut has dropped one last trailer

The Justice League (Gal Gadaot, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher).
(Image credit: Warner Brothers)

HBO Max has dropped one final trailer for the Snyder Cut prior to the film's release on March 18th. It looks exactly like all the other Snyder Cut trailers, but this one is new! Unlike the rest of HBO Max's 2021 slate, Zack Snyder's Justice League will not be getting a theatrical release at this time. However, Snyder has expressed wishes to see it in theaters in the future.

Check it final trailer:

The final trailer comes on the heels of the embargo breaking on critics' first reactions to the upcoming re-release of the film.

Fans will be able to watch an exclusive live watch party of the film's release via Scener at 4PM PT/7PM ET on the film's premiere on March 18th. 

Scener is the perfect place for deep genre communities like the #SnyderCut fans to connect virtually and celebrate the work of creative geniuses like Zack Snyder,” said Joe Braidwood, co-founder and chief operating officer at Scener. “Our partnership with HBO Max for Snyder’s iconic film release signifies another major leap forward for co-watching, cementing this format far beyond the pandemic-era as a movement that’s driving the future of streaming entertainment. We’re honored to play our part in enabling this new form of community experience as studios, creators, and fans look to Scener as the destination to connect over the movies they love.” 

You can reserve a spot with Scener for Zack Snyder's Justice League at

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