'The Witcher' Season 2 premieres Dec. 17 on Netflix

The Witcher Season 2
(Image credit: Netflix)

The Witcher Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on Dec. 17, 2021 — nearly two years to the date after the first season premiered.

All eight episodes will be available for binging, as is the Netflix way, and as was announced at Witchercon, as streamed on Netflix's Twitch channel.

The Witcher, which stars noted nerd Henry Cavill, was born from the book-turned video game. The first season was a bit of a mess if you didn't know beforehand that it was split across several timelines. But that disorganization was definitely made up for by Cavill's performance as Geralt of Rivia, who we'd see fighting a different monster every episode or so (as a Witcher does) while flashing back to the prophecy that led him to Princess Ciri of Cintra (Freya Allan), and to his more-than-a-fling with Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra), as well as her backstory.

And once you got to the end of the first season, it's worth a revisit just to help it all make sense. But if you already were up on the books (I wasn't), then you probably were doing just fine.

The second season of The Witcher promises to follow Ciri as she becomes the first female Witcher. Fortunately there's no complications in the larger Witcher world, and everything should go smoothly.


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