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Thought for the Day from Tarzan the Ape Man

100 years ago this month, Edgar Rice Burroughs (opens in new tab)' classic work Tarzan of the Apes (opens in new tab) Abbott & Costello (opens in new tab) style exchanges like this one:

Jane Parker: Thank you for protecting me. Tarzan: Me? Jane Parker: I said, thank you for protecting me. Tarzan: [points at Jane] Me? Jane Parker: No. I'm only "Me" for me. Tarzan: [points at Jane] Me. Jane Parker: No. To you, I'm "You". Tarzan: [points at himself] You. Jane Parker: No... [Thinks for a second] Jane Parker: I'm Jane Parker. Understand? Jane, Jane. Tarzan: [points at Jane] Jane, Jane. Jane Parker: Yes, Jane. And you? [Tarzan stares] Jane Parker: [points at herself] Jane. Tarzan: Jane. Jane Parker: [points at Tarzan] And you? Tarzan: Tarzan. Tarzan. Jane Parker: Tarzan...

Phew! We got there in the end.