Three bras and boy shorts – how Kimberly Wyatt avoids a wardrobe malfunction on ‘Dancing on Ice’

Dancing on Ice series 14 Mark Hanretty and Kimberly Wyatt
Dancing on Ice duo Mark Hanretty and Kimberly Wyatt (Image credit: ITV)

Former Pussycat Dolls star Kimberly Wyatt has revealed how she will maintain her modesty when she does her jaw-dropping overhead splits on ITV celebrity ice show Dancing on Ice 2022 – by wearing layers of support.

Kimberly, 39, calls the manoeuvre the ‘standing oversplit’ and says it has become an iconic move among dancers the world over. But raising a leg vertically above your head risks all manner of wardrobe malfunctions!

Fortunately, the Dancing on Ice costume department is on her side, she told The Sun

“I’ve got a good relationship with the wardrobe department now, they totally understand and they made sure that leotard was perfect.

“That’s my worst nightmare, a wardrobe malfunction of any type. I’ve always been so safe. I’d always have boy shorts that I could count on if the crotch that was in a costume was a bit too small.”

kimberly wyatt

Kimberly rehearses her signature move (Image credit: Neil Mockford/GC Images)

She added that she would wear three bras to avoid an unfortunate ping, a la Judy Finnegan.

“One to keep them covered, one to give them some push, then the costume on top. So if one bra popped, I had two to keep me safe.”

Kimberley didn’t reveal when she might use her ‘weapon’ on the show but did reveal how much impact it’s had on the global stage.

“My legs have been my biggest weapon in life,” she said. “Michael Jackson has the moonwalk, but in Pussycat Dolls I created the standing oversplit and now it’s become a language among dancers around the world. So many girls do it, boys do it and always tag me and it’s a thing.

“So I’m quite grateful that I’ve been able to create that and grateful to be turning 40 and be a mum of three and still get an ­opportunity to stretch my limbs like that.”

Will she perform it on Dancing on Ice? She scored highly in the first show, but judge Jayne Torvill didn't seem impressed. Perhaps it’s time to bring it out if she wants to join the list of Dancing on Ice winners.

Kimberly is no stranger to the world of reality TV – she was a judge on Got To Dance between 2009 and 2014 and also won Celebrity MasterChef.

Dancing on Ice screens at 6.30pm on ITV on Sunday nights.

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