TikTok now has an Amazon Fire TV app because of course it does

A screenshot from the More on TikTok app on Amazon Fire TV.
A screenshot from the More on TikTok app on Amazon Fire TV. (Image credit: Amazon Appstore)

Need more TikTok? If your a parent, the answer probably is "No." If you're of a more cool generation, then you're probably already salivating.

And if you're running Amazon Fire TV in your living room, you can now easily get all the TikTok you want, right on your television, with a new app from TikTok.

The "More on TikTok" app is exactly what it sounds like. It's more TikTok. (Or MOAR TIKTOK, as the kids might say.) 

With the app you'll be able to watch compilations of your favorite TikTok trends, get exclusive interviews with creators and artists (there's a difference?), and get an in-depth look into the trends that popular the "For You" page.

Here's he full description on the Amazon Appstore:

"More on TikTok" takes you beyond the "For You" feed. We're bringing the real, fun and bold world of TikTok—the leading destination for short-form mobile video—directly to your living room. Dive into this collection of original videos that celebrate the creativity we see every day on TikTok, from compilations of the top trends to exclusive interviews with our beloved creators and artists.

Of course, TikTock wasn't exactly designed for televisions, which prefer their content as God intended — in the horizontal "landscape" orientation. (Unless you've got one of those crazy new Samsung TVs that rotates to vertical.) But we have a feeling your kids aren't going to worry about that in the slightest.

And this isn't the wild west of TikTok, either. The Fire TV app contains only curated content. You're not logged in to your TikTok account, and there's no way to create and upload anything. So it's consumption only, Amazon tells us, designed to be complementary to the full TikTok mobile app.

Phil Nickinson

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