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The Tunnel: Sky unveil thrilling new images from final ever series

Tunnel Final Series
(Image credit: DESWILLIE)

Sky has released new images from the final ever series of The Tunnel...

Sky has released new images from the third and final ever series of The Tunnel, once again starring Stephen Dillane and Clémence Poésy as unlikely double act, Detective Karl Roebuck and his French counterpart, Elise Wassermann.

The new Sky Atlantic series, which will be shown in December, kicks off with a stolen French fishing boat being found adrift and on fire in the English Channel. Karl suspects that the missing cargo consisted of trafficked children, but without any evidence no one takes him seriously apart from his old friend Elise.

The Tunnel series 3

Soon the intrepid pair find themselves tested to the absolute limit by a disenfranchised, toxic and terrifying duo on whom society has turned its back. The case builds to a dangerous end game, as a miscarriage of justice from Elise’s past shakes her to her core.

Sharon Rooney and Tom Hanson also feature as Kiki and Blake (pictured below), a happy couple expecting their first child, who find themselves caught up in a sickening campaign of horror.

The Tunnel - Series III

(Image credit: Colin Hutton)

Angela Coulby returns to the cast as Laura Roebuck, Karl's wife, while new cast members include Alan Partridge actress Felicity Motagu (pictured below).

Felicity, who memorably plays Alan's downtrodden assistant Lynn in the comedy, turns up as Winnie Miles, a new boss for Karl and his sidekick, Detective Boleslaw ‘BB’ Borowski (William Ash).

The Tunnel Felicity Montagu


The Tunnel will also be available on Now TV.