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TV tonight: our highlights for Saturday 23rd May

TV tonight Casualty
(Image credit: BBC)

Casualty is just one of the gems on today...

Will Fenisha's secret finally be revealed in Casualty, BBC2 profiles The Boomtown Rats, and there's a new series of Dynasty on Netflix. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss on TV tonight. 

  • Our hand-selected recommendations for what's on TV tonight include three TV shows, a film and the latest trending need-to-binge-on-now box set 
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What's on TV tonight 

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

Citizens of Boomtown: The Story of the Boomtown Rats, 9.20pm, BBC2

The Rats changed our own lives, helped to change our country, helped to change the music and ended up helping to change the world,’ says Bob Geldof in this brilliant look back at the music, message and mayhem of Irish band The Boomtown Rats. The film also documents how Bob made Live Aid happen in 1985 and how the Rats are back together, still touring and making as much noise as possible. Featuring interviews with Bono and Sting as well as music journalists and historians. 

★★★★★ JL

Casualty, 8.40pm, BBC1

TV tonight Casualty

Fenisha needs treatment herself after helping Malc during a rescue

Fenisha is determined to hide her pregnancy but, after a rescue goes wrong, the young paramedic ends up being assessed by Ethan. Will he realise he’s due to become a dad? Meanwhile, Jade’s shocked when her ex, Malc, is admitted. His hearing aid has been damaged, so she’s needed as a sign language interpreter. What follows is a rare, welcome glimpse into Jade’s world. Jan, meanwhile, reveals she’s fed up with never seeing her partner, Ffion… which suggests Casualty is paving the way for Stirling Gallacher’s much-anticipated debut as Jan’s police officer wife! 

★★★★ ER

Dynasty, Netflix

TV tonight Dynasty

Fallon and the Carringtons are back

There’s more chaos for the Carringtons in series three of the glitzy revival of the 1980s drama. It begins with Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) dealing with the terrifying fallout of the bodies in the lake, as well as Liam languishing in a coma in hospital. Meanwhile, there are also rivals circling ready to destroy her, including her own brother Adam (Sam Underwood), who put Liam in hospital and continues to take the idea of sibling rivalry to a whole new level. Will Adam pay for what he’s done? 

★★★ NC

Best box set to watch on TV tonight

Spooks, seasons 1-10, BBC iPlayer

TV tonight Spooks

Keeley Hawes, Matthew Macfadyen and David Oyelowo

Recently seen as Charles Ingram in ITV’s Quiz, Matthew Macfadyen is a tough spy in this MI5 drama that co-stars his now wife Keeley Hawes. Bomb threats, shootings and kidnappings are all part of the job in this action-packed series.

Best film to watch on TV tonight

Finding Dory, 6.20pm, BBC1

TV tonight Finding Dory

Adventure ahead for Dory

Movie sequels (with the notable exception of those to The Godfather and Paddington) can be a let-down but this 2016 follow-up to Finding Nemo is highly enjoyable. Ellen DeGeneres voices blue tang fish Dory, looking for her parents but hampered by her short-term memory loss. Voice co-stars include Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neill and Idris Elba, and it’s all helmed by the sure hand of Oscar-winning writer-director Andrew Stanton. 

If you watch just one thing on TV tonight… 

Don't miss Casualty on TV tonight to see if Fenisha's secret is revealed!

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Happy viewing!