TV tonight: our highlights for Sunday 5th April

Mirren Mack as Kaya
(Image credit: BBC / Studio Lambert / Mark Mainz)

A catastrophic chain of events is set in motion in gripping drama The Nest

The Nest - as the pregnancy develops, so does this tense drama. Plus: roguish John Bellasis brightens up Belgravia and there's a big decision for Ruby in The Good Karma Hospital. Here’s what you shouldn’t be missing on TV tonight. 

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What's on TV tonight 

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on tv tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

Belgravia, 9pm, ITV

John and Susan walking

Will Susan yield to John's "charms"?

With his rakish top hat and disregard for anything but his own pleasure, smarmy John Bellasis (Adam James) might just be our new favourite TV rogue! Now, in between gleefully seducing Susan Trenchard, he’s plotting up a storm with the Trenchards’ equally wily, self-interested servants Turton and Ellis as he tries to uncover the link between Charles Pope, the Trenchards and the Brockenhursts. Charles has other matters on his mind as he and spirited Maria Grey are falling for each other. But since Maria’s mum Lady Templemore (a brilliantly po-faced Tara Fitzgerald) is absolutely adamant that Maria’s got to marry John, it's clear the course of true love is not going to run smooth. ★★★★ CC

The Nest, 9pm, BBC1

Detective Mcclelland (KATE DICKIE), Emily (SOPHIE RUNDLE), Dan (MARTIN COMPSTON)

Dan is playing a dangerous game

As the brilliant Glasgow-based thriller continues, Dan (Martin Compston) is in total meltdown after discovering the shocking truth about Kaya (Mirren Mack) and her child-killer past. But with surrogate Kaya now 24 weeks pregnant, his wife Emily (Sophie Rundle) still has no clue – she's even checking out cute baby outfits! However, the facts are about to emerge, setting off a catastrophic chain of events, when feisty Kaya, now secretly dating Dan’s nephew Jack, heads off to Jack’s school prom night. Meanwhile, Kaya’s estranged mum, Siobhan (played by Happy Valley’s Shirley Henderson) emerges from the woodwork and decides she’s ready to talk to the press. Gripping from start to finish. ★★★★ TL

Race Across the World, 8pm, BBC2

Jo and Sam work on a farm in Argentina

Jo and Sam work on a farm in Argentina

This week’s episode starts with the teams all smiles as they enjoy some R&R on Lake Titicaca before leaving their Peru check point to race to the next one in Argentina. But the smiles soon fade when one of the contestants is hospitalised after a seizure and one team has a huge bust-up. Just to make things even more difficult than they already are, the teams will be travelling through Bolivia as it prepares for an election, which sees everything shut down. But now that they’re nearly a month into their trip, every single relationship is stronger than before – and for those who say the £20k prize money isn’t much, that’s something you really can’t put a price on. ★★★★ JP

Ride Upon the Storm, 10.55pm, C4

Lars Mikkelson and Simon Sears

It's tense: Johannes and Christian

The second season of the Danish drama begins a year-and-a-half after the death of former army chaplain August. The Krogh family are even more broken, with priest and patriarch Johannes (The Killing’s Lars Mikkelsen) full of fury and resentment. Emilie is desperate to keep her and August’s baby away from Johannes’ controlling influence, while August’s brother Christian is also trying to move on. Complex and tense. ★★★ JL

The Good Karma Hospital, 8pm, ITV

Neil Morrissey

You'll need a drink after tonight's revelations

There are some difficult conversations in this week’s episode. A bombshell about Tommy leads to a clash with her dad Greg and, of course, an intervention by Lydia. AJ, who has returned from medical school, takes another doctor to task, calling him a “butcher”, and Jyoti’s reaction to the results of her skin graft leads to a bitter exchange between plastic surgeon Aisha and Lydia. Meanwhile, Ruby comes to a decision about Gabriel… ★★★★ IM


Best box set to watch on TV tonight

Spooks, 10 series, BBC iPlayer


Hermione Norris as Ros

Hermione Norris stars as Ros

Some 18 years after this hit British spy drama made its debut, two things stand out: The high quality of the cast – including Matthew Macfadyen, Keeley Hawes, David Oyelowo, Jenny Agutter, Rupert Penry-Jones, Nicola Walker and Hermione Norris –and the lasting relevance of many of its national-security storylines.



Best film to watch on TV tonight

A Monster Calls, 10.30pm (times vary), BBC1

Lewis MacDougall as Conor O'Malley

Lewis MacDougall as Conor O'Malley

A wonderful, emotional adaptation of Patrick Ness’ novel, this will penetrate the hardest of hearts. Lewis MacDougall plays a 12-year-old kid whose mum (Felicity Jones) is about to die, and is helped through this trauma by a huge tree beast (voiced by Liam Neeson). The mixture of fantastical and psychological is beautifully woven together, and the ambiguity of the monster (is it real?) makes for a fascinating, touching fable.

If you watch just one thing on TV tonight… 

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