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TV tonight: our highlights for Thursday 4th March

TV tonight Piers Morgan's Life Stories

Piers Morgan's Life Stories is just one of the gems on today...

Rupert Everett bares all in Piers Morgan's Life Stories, it's gig night on Stand Up & Deliver and C4 gives its guide to Luxury Holidays: How to Get Away This Year. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss on TV tonight. 

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What's on TV tonight 

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

Stand Up & Deliver, 9pm, C4

TV tonight Stand Up & Deliver

Shaun Ryder is not so confident now

It’s gig night for our five plucky celebs who have temporarily given up their day jobs to become stand-up comedians in support of Stand Up to Cancer. It’s the stuff of nightmares for most of us, and so, it seems, it is for some of our newbie comics – even the super-confident Shaun Ryder has a wobble standing on stage alone in front of 300 people. One act is deemed so offensive they’re booed (surely not the Reverend Richard Coles?). Who will have the last laugh? 

★★★ LP

Piers Morgan's Life Stories, 9pm, ITV

TV tonight Piers Morgan's Life Stories

The outspoken Rupert Everett tells all to Piers

Looking back on their time on Comic Relief’s Apprentice in 2007, Rupert Everett described Piers Morgan as ‘pathological’, ‘slobby’ and ‘elephantine’, among other things. So Piers kicks off this interview by reading out some of the things his guest has said and written about him! The 61-year-old actor, who has published two memoirs, is famously outspoken, and more than happy to open up about his life and career, including Hollywood’s treatment of openly gay actors. He’s in great form here as he lets rip on all and sundry in an enjoyable encounter. 

★★★★ IM

Luxury Holidays: How to Get Away This Year, 8pm, C4

TV tonight Luxury Holidays: How to Get Away This Year

Sabrina Grant offers some escapism

There will surely be a stampede to the nearest airport or beach once we’re told holidays are very much back on, but even if we do have to wait a little longer than we’d hoped, Sabrina Grant is here with a guide to the best luxury vacations, at home and abroad, once restrictions are lifted. Can we go on a cruise? Which countries may be open to tourists? Will we be safe? Let’s keep everything crossed for that summer break… 

★★★ LP

Best box set to watch

Behind Her Eyes, Netflix

TV tonight Behind Her Eyes

David with his wife Adele (left) and Louise

No marriage is perfect, but few couples share as many dark secrets as David (Tom Bateman) and his partner Adele (Eve Hewson), the mysterious pair at the centre of this dark psychological thriller. Based on the bestselling novel by Sarah Pinborough, this six-part series is told through the eyes of single mum Louise (Grantchester’s Simona Brown), who becomes ensnared in their web of deceit when she falls for David. The lead couple are at their sinister best in this rollicking tale with a final twist that will leave your jaw on the floor… 

Best film to watch on TV tonight

Battle of the Sexes, 10.45pm, Film4

TV tonight Battle of the Sexes

Game on: It’s Billie Jean v Bobby Riggs

In the early 1970s, top women’s tennis player Billie Jean King was fighting the blatantly chauvinistic tennis federation for financial parity with the men’s game, as well as struggling with her conflicting sexuality. Then along comes Bobby Riggs, who wants to play King in order to prove male dominance. This movie takes those ingredients and whisks them into something wildly entertaining, with perfect performances from Emma Stone as King, and Steve Carell as Riggs. It’s a winner all round. 

Live sport

  • Test Cricket: India v England 6am, C4

Soaps on TV tonight

If you watch just one thing on TV tonight… 

Don't miss Piers Morgan's Life Stories on TV tonight – don't hold back, Rupert!

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