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TV tonight: our highlights for Tuesday 2nd March

TV tonight Why is Covid Killing People of Colour?
(Image credit: BBC / Twenty Twenty Productions Ltd)

Why is Covid Killing People of Colour? is just one of the gems on today...

Actor David Harewood asks Why is Covid Killing People of Colour?, there's a shock for Hanssen in Holby City, and it's the dramatic two-part finale to Marcella. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss on TV tonight. 

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What's on TV tonight 

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

Holby City, 7.50pm (Scotland, 8.20pm), BBC1

TV tonight Holby City

Why is Hanssen so shaken by the appearance of Sahira’s father?

We’re loving seeing more of Holby stalwart Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry) on screen – and he’s centre stage tonight as Hanssen gets a blast from the past when Sahira’s father, Reyhan Shah, is admitted to Keller. Hanssen appears far from pleased to see him and, when he tries to avoid treating him, a frustrated Sahira threatens to operate herself. Feeling cornered, Hanssen is forced into theatre where he’s ever the professional. However, outside, Hanssen suffers a major panic attack. What is it about Reyhan that’s got him so rattled? Elsewhere, Dominic is the subject of gossip when word gets round that he’s suing the hospital, and Cameron’s up to his old tricks again… 

★★ VW

Why is Covid Killing People of Colour?, 9pm, BBC1

TV tonight Why is Covid Killing People of Colour?

David Harewood investigates

As a 55- year-old black man I’m three times more likely to die from COVID-19 than a white man of my age,’ says actor David Harewood at the start of this powerful film. To find the truth behind the startling statistics relating to coronavirus and BAME people, he talks to medics, scientists and those who have lost loved ones. The truth isn’t easy to find, or face, but if there’s one positive that must come out of this pandemic, it’s a long-overdue conversation about health inequality and systemic racism in our society. 

★★★★★ JL

Marcella, from 9pm, ITV

TV tonight Marcella

Has Marcella lost her identity in the undercover operation?

As the series ends with a double bill, Marcella (Anna Friel) takes her undercover operation in a dangerous direction by playing the Maguire family off against each other. Finn (Aaron McCusker) seeks to take control, while Marcella’s focus seems to be on helping Finn’s sister, Stacey, and her baby. But when Marcella finds Frank has his own agenda with the Maguires, she must come up with a new plan. Has she now fully morphed into her alias, ‘Keira’, or is the old Marcella still there? It’s make or break time for the detective. 

★★★★ RM

Best box set to watch on TV tonight

Behind Her Eyes, Netflix

TV tonight Behind Her Eyes

David with his wife Adele (left) and Louise

No marriage is perfect, but few couples share as many dark secrets as David (Tom Bateman) and his partner Adele (Eve Hewson), the mysterious pair at the centre of this dark psychological thriller. Based on the bestselling novel by Sarah Pinborough, this six-part series is told through the eyes of single mum Louise (Grantchester’s Simona Brown), who becomes ensnared in their web of deceit when she falls for David. The lead couple are at their sinister best in this rollicking tale with a final twist that will leave your jaw on the floor… 

Best film to watch on TV tonight

Unsane, 9pm, Film4

TV tonight Unsane

Unsafe: Claire Foy

Claire Foy ditches her British accent to play a paranoid American businesswoman who winds up involuntarily committed to a psychiatric institution after seeking help for the stress of coping with a persistent stalker. But does he even exist or has Foy conjured him from her psyche? Director Steven Soderbergh shot this psychological suspense thriller entirely on iPhones, which gives the action a scuzzy look that’s perfect for a down-and-dirty B-movie tale that will really give you the creeps. His movie is bolstered further by an excellent supporting cast, including Juno Temple, Amy Irving and Joshua Leonard, but it’s Foy’s movie and she is mesmeric throughout.

Live sport

  • Championship Football: Reading v Blackburn Rovers 7.30pm (k-o 8pm), Sky Sports Football/NOW TV

Soaps on TV tonight

If you watch just one thing on TV tonight… 

Don't miss Why is Covid Killing People of Colour? on TV tonight – shocking statistics

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