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Unforgotten – Is Pete a killer? Neil Morrissey reveals all

Unforgotten Pete
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What is Pete hiding?

Ever since Unforgotten viewers were first introduced to him, it’s been obvious that salesman Pete Carr is a man who’ll lie to get himself out of trouble.

And, in this Sunday’s Unforgotten, it turns out he’s told some fairly major whoppers in his past.

When DNA results come back linking Pete to a break-in at a church around the time teenager Hayley Reid was murdered, DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and DI Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) call him in for questioning.

Unforgotten Nicola Sanjeev main

On the case... Sunny and Cassie

At first, Pete claims he knows nothing about the burglary, in which some silverware was stolen. But then he comes clean and admits that he was having some “cash-flow problems” at the time and stole the items to sell to make some money.

“Pete’s a bit of a failure; he’s never really been a high achiever or the best in his field,” says The Good Karma Hospital star Neil Morrissey, who plays him.

“His business acumen is awful – he’s constantly struggling and chasing his tail. And when people feel vulnerable, that’s when they make mistakes.”

In fact, the church robbery is not the only thing Cassie and Sunny uncover about Pete’s past…

“Pete spent 25 years of his life in Hong Kong and there’s evidence of ‘bad character’ that comes through from the Hong Kong police force,” says Neil. “Let’s just say, Pete has a very shady past.”

When Pete’s wife, Maria, kicks him out, a desperate Pete calls on old friend James Hollis (Kevin McNally) for help. But journalist and quiz show host James has already got enough on his plate being hounded by reporters, and is unsympathetic towards his friend. That’s when Pete reminds James of the secrets he knows about the night Hayley died…

“Pete, James and their other friends, Tim and Chris, are extremely close but, because of the case, they all start being really protective of themselves," says Neil. "And that certainly causes problems with their loved ones.”

Unforgotten continues this Sunday on ITV at 9pm.