Narcos star Wagner Moura: 'We filmed Escobar's actual death scene'

Wagner Moura
(Image credit: Juan Pablo Gutierrez/Netflix)

The net is tightening on Wagner Moura's character Pablo Escobar as the award-winning drugs-trade drama returns to Netflix for season two

When TV&Satellite Week meets Wagner Moura in a stylish London hotel, it’s immediately obvious that there is something different about the Brazilian actor, who plays notorious drug baron Pablo Escobar in Netflix hit drama Narcos.

You’re looking different. Have you lost weight? "Yes, I’ve lost about 15lb since we finished filming. I’m still working on it. It’s personal pride to get back to my former weight. I’m eating a lot of salads."

What makes season one and two different? "Season two starts right where we left him. The difference between the two seasons is the first one covers 10 years of Escobar’s life, and is more about the birth of the drug trade, while the second season is more focused on Escobar being on the run, to his death, which is less than a year later."

What’s the storyline for season two? "There are a lot of new players in season two. The net begins to tighten. After he escapes from La Catedral, Escobar thinks he will be able to negotiate with the government again, but the government says, 'It’s over, let’s kill him.' We filmed the death scene where Escobar was actually gunned down. It really added to the authenticity. It was an intense experience for everyone."

Is there anywhere you think the producers could take Narcos next? "The producers could stay in Colombia and focus on the Cali cartel or even move to Mexico which has become the latest Narco culture, absolutely controlled by the drug dealers."

Did you expect the two seasons to be this successful and have you accomplished what you were aiming? "I never expected it to be a success. It has been the most popular thing I have ever done, and been a great experience. Most importantly, I really wanted Narcos to be respectful of Colombian history. I didn’t want it to be a regular American cop show, and we managed to accomplish that."

Narcos season two premieres on Netflix on Friday, September 2