Watch Sasha Calle learn she was cast as Supergirl in DCEU's 'The Flash' movie

Sasha Calle joins 'The Flash' as Supergirl.
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The Flash has seen a myriad of issues since being announced in 2014, with the most obvious being the fact that this movie was announced 7 years ago and still hasn't actually happened. In addition, Warner Bros has received a ton of (earned) backlash by dismissing Ray Fisher from the project after he accused Joss Whedon and the company as a whole for their racist behavior. Charisma Carpenter's recent call-out of Whedon has only (again, rightfully) exacerbated the situation further. In short: The Flash and Warner Bros. are dying for some good press surrounding the DCEU, so they put out a feel-good video. 

Today we learned that, should the film ever actually happen, Sasha Calle will be taking on the role of Supergirl in The Flash.  Watch director Andy Muschietti tell the actress that she got the part in the Rotten Tomatoes exclusive below. 

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Outside of all of the other drama surrounding the project, we hope that Sasha has a chance to celebrate! Kara Zor-El is quite the role, and one anyone should be proud to take on. Moreover, the actress has nothing to do with the situation surrounding the project and the production company and deserves to take her win. 

Since the announcement, the obvious "fan" backlash has sparked due to Sasha's looks. Those aren't getting the space here, but what we will say is that hair dye exists, and even if they choose to keep her exactly as she is her physical appearance does not exclude her from the role. Kara Zor-El is an alien who can fly, shoot heat rays out of her eyes, and lap The Flash in a race. If the fact that her eyes are brown, her hair is dark, and she's not white is what's holding folks back from seeing her as the character then that's on them, not Sasha. 

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