What's on TV for Monday, September 7

Television Monday
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Happy Labor Day! If you’re looking for a way to entertain the kids this afternoon, Hulu just dropped the entire first season of the new series Madagascar: A Little Wild.

NBA fans can hear about some of the issues facing our world today from some of the NBA’s finest in The Arena tonight, and Amy Schumer is learning how to cook a steakhouse dinner on the Food Network.

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The Arena

NBA stars Charles Barkley, Dwayne Wade and Draymond Green head important societal conversations surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, Black Lives Matter, systemic racism and other topics, with host Cari Champion in this new TNT series.

Watch tonight at 8pm EDT on TNT

Madagascar: A Little Wild - Season 1

If your kids are fans of Madagascar, then the new series Madagascar: A Little Wild is worth a look. The animated series is a CG, musical comedy featuring Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman as young residents of a rescue habitat in the Central Park Zoo. The entire first series arrives today.

Watch anytime on Hulu

My Octopus Teacher

Sure, you’ve heard of scientists and people in general becoming friends with animals, but have you ever heard of someone forming a friendship with an octopus? In the Netflix Original Documentary My Octopus Teacher a filmmaker forms an unusual friendship with an octopus that lives in the South African kelp forest. The documentary follows the pair as the filmmaker learns from the octopus about her world.

Watch anytime on Netflix

Amy Schumer Learns To Cook

Like many of us, Amy Schumer is using her time in quarantine to learn how to cook a little better. Tonight Schumer is going to attempt to cook one of her favorite meals: a classic steakhouse dinner with seared skirt steak and creamed spinach. The meal will end with one of Amy’s favorite childhood desserts: baked cinnamon and sugar bites. Later on in the show, Amy and her husband Chris fire up the grill and do some more cooking outside.

Watch tonight at 10pm on Food Network

Bad Chad Customs

On a new episode of Bad Chad Customs airing tonight, Chad gets pushed to his limits when a local body shop owner tasks him with his first motorcycle build. With the Wharf Rat Bike Rally just two weeks away, Chad races the clock to visualize, customize and materialize the one-of-a-kind chopper.

Watch tonight at 10pm EDT on Discovery

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