What's on TV for Thursday, September 10

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Ever wonder what happens after you get attacked by a shark? ABC followed a woman who was attacked for over a year to chronicle her journey.

The NBA Playoffs continue tonight when the LA Lakers take on the Houston Rockets at 7pm on TNT. Netflix just drops a movie about killer babysitter, and BET is offering late-night episodes of The Cleveland Show.

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NBA Playoffs

The LA Lakers take on the Houston Rockets in the NBA Playoffs tonight. The Lakers are currently 2-1 and Rockets 1-2 in the conference semifinals. The games are being played in Florida from the NBA's quarantine bubble. The games are all fan-free; however, the NBA has brought in fans virtually through Microsoft Teams, which is certainly something to watch even if you're not a basketball fan.

Watch at 7pm EDT on TNT

The Babysitter: Killer Queen

In the Netflix Film The Babysitter: Killer Queen, a teenager named Cole is trying to forget defeating his babysitters satanic cult two years ago and focus on high school. However, when old enemies return in this sequel, Cole has to once again fight the forces of evil.

Watch anytime on Netflix

The Cleveland Show

If you find yourself having a sleepless night or two, BET is airing episodes of The Cleveland Show every Monday-Friday at midnight. The Family Guy spinoff follows Clevland after he leaves Quahog to move to Virginia in order to rekindle his previously unrequited love for high-school-crush-turned-second-wife Donna Tubbs. 

Watch at 12am EDT on BET

Mysteries Decoded

Curious about the Bermuda Triangle? Tonight on Mysteries Decoded, private investigator Jennifer Marshall and US Navy veteran Jordan Hunter investigate claims that a vortex for supernatural forces has caused ships and planes to vanish without a trace. Includes updated eyewitness accounts and expert interviews.

Watch at 8pm EDT on the CW

Dr. Pimple Popper

What is it about watching someone else's pimple being popped that's so entertaining?  Tonight Leonard has a bump on his arm that looks like it's breaking through the skin. Meanwhile, Brandon has concerning lumps on his head. And later, Jess has a lump on her butt after falling down the stairs.

Watch at 9pm EDT on TLC

Shark Attack: The Paige Winter Story with Robin Roberts

In 2019, North Carolina teenager Paige Winter was swimming in waist-deep water when a shark attacked, and in an instant, life would never be the same. Following Winter's story for more than a year, Robin Roberts and ABC News chronicle her unprecedented journey: from the harrowing attack and months of rehabilitation to the trials, tribulations and struggles.

Watch at 10pm EDT on ABC

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