Why 'Hubie Halloween' has continued to reign on Netflix

Julie Bowen and Adam Sandler star in 'Hubie Halloween,' a holiday-themed comedy.
Julie Bowen and Adam Sandler star in 'Hubie Halloween,' a holiday-themed comedy. (Image credit: Netflix)

Adam Sandler has always been a bit of a divisive comedian. You either get his odd-ball humor or you don't. Hubie Halloween follows that trend, but it seems to do so in a more extreme way than his past comedic endeavors. Some critics called out Sandler's note at last year's Saturn Awards saying that if Uncut Gems didn't win an Oscar he'd make the worst movie ever made, noting that Hubie Halloween was him making good on that promise. (Note: Hubie Halloween isn't even the worst Adam Sandler movie ever made.) 

Really, from a critical standpoint, the film is mostly middling. There's a lot to laugh at, but mostly it's just a run-of-the-mill Happy Madison production. So what is it that's made the film endure several weeks after its release as opposed to most Netflix fare that quickly disappears into the ether? 

The answer here is pretty simple: the movie isn't perfectly made, but it is perfectly earnest. There's no intent in this film other than being something nice. That's not something you want to see in all movies, obviously. But sometimes, especially in today's atmosphere, all you want is something sweet. The entire premise from start to finish is solely about being kind and ensuring your fellow neighbor is safe. It's cute and it's weird and it just wants folks to have a good time. 

Plus, at least 10% of its popularity has to be due to an A+ running tee shirt gag that adds just the right amount of Happy Madison-level raunch to the otherwise soft film. 

Amelia Emberwing

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