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Worzel Gummidge could get full series starring Mackenzie Crook

Worzel Gummidge Christmas Special 2021
(Image credit: BBC/Leopard Pictures/Amanda Searle)

Mackenzie has more stories in mind and show was a Christmas hit

Worzel Gummidge could be back for a full series starring Mackenzie Crook as it appears he’s keen to do more.

The 48-year-old wrote, directed and starred as the loveable scarecrow in the new version, which was one of the highlights of the BBC’s Christmas schedule.

The two-parter, which opened on Boxing Day, drew ratings of over four million viewers. So, it seems likely there will more episodes, especially as Mackenzie previously told The Sun he had more stories in mind.

“I was collecting half a dozen stories for a hypothetical series. Whether it happens like that or whether there will be more specials I don’t know yet. But there’s a wealth of material in the books and stuff that occurs to me too.”

There’s no word yet officially from the BBC on whether or not there will be more episodes of Worzel Gummidge.

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Vicki Pepperdine as the new Aunt Sally

Vicki Pepperdine as the new Aunt Sally (Image credit: BBC/Leopard Pictures/Amanda Searle)

But given Mackenzie’s enthusiasm and the good viewing figures over Christmas it seems likely there will more to come.

The first two Worzels featured an all-star cast, including comedy legend Michael Palin, Harry Potter actress Zoe Wanamaker, Benidorm’s Steve Pemberton and Getting On’s Vicki Pepperdine.

Speaking about his new version to us, Mackenzie said: “I’ve turned it into a climate-change fable, and it’s all about looking after the natural world. It seemed like a good opportunity to push forward those issues in a funny rather than a preachy way. I hope it’s magical, and will also make kids sit up and realise they’ve got to act now.”

Michael Palin also popped up in Worzel Gummidge over Christmas

Michael Palin also popped up in Worzel Gummidge over Christmas (Image credit: BBC/Leopard Pictures/Amanda Searle)

The books were famously adapted before for the ITV children’s series, which ran from 1979 to 1981. Doctor Who legend Jon Pertwee starred as Worzel alongside Sherlock actress Una Stubbs as Aunt Sally.

If you missed Worzel over Christmas catch it now on BBCiPlayer.